“The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness.” (Niels Bohr)

Two communities instead of one – I have really tried to comply with the guidelines. But after some consideration, I have decided to base my assignment two entries on the participation of two communities instead of one.

The main reason is, that I wanted these activities to be useful to me. And I want to explore the area of the Agile Education community. However, my initial research tells me that the community around Agile Education is not very well defined or established. I could be wrong – I could just have followed the wrong clues and done some useless searches. I will list my clues here below, and you can judge for yourself, if I am on the right track. And please place a comment, if you have ideas for further/better contacts. Anyway, I might have to partly build this community myself. Which is a bit out of the scope of this assignment, it might not be a successful activity, and it might take a bit longer than just this assignment period.

To make up for that, I will include my activities in the Ubuntu community – which have been extensive but passive – until now. For those who haven’t heard of Ubuntu; it is the largest and most ‘mainstream’ Linux distribution at the moment. It is a very commercial project, connected to a single company (Canonical), build on the efforts of a more ‘real’ and non commercial Linux community,  Debian. The advantages with the Ubuntu community is that it is is big, and caters for all kinds of users – including beginners. My experience with the Debian community (where my pride sometimes sends me) is that it is more narrowly ‘pro’. And they will treat you with the traditional Linux community roughness, if you ask stupid questions the wrong places.

After long, unsuccessful searches in the community wiki’s, I have sometimes been tempted to post inquiries in the forums. Thinking of it now, I actually offered a reward years back, for the customization of a WiFi hotspot controller software and another for a few changes in a kiosk software. But within a few months the development happened without help anyway.

Back to the Agile Education. Apart from the ever relevant, competent and inspirational postings from Clare Atkins (guess who is assessing this), I have found the following people, blogs and communities;

Steve Peha
John Miller
Chris Scott

Four ‘Agile Learning Centres‘ in the US East Coast Area
The Mosaic School 
Manhattan Free School
Cloudhouse Homeschooling Group
ALC Everett

Agile Schools: How Technology Saves Education (Just Not the Way We Thought it Would)
The Agile School

 I will take it from here. Apart from trying to connect to this community, my next postings here will be about:

  • Purpose – a synthetic construction in educational environments? 
  • The superficial symbolism in educational environments 

Please remind me if I forget.